Okay, so here in going to post my draft of the rules. We can use the comments section to decide what we think should be changed or added or just removed entirely.

This policy covers all aspects related to chat, private messages, and all users' behavior within chat. It is not limited to chat and is applicable or enforceable outside of the described jurisdiction.

1. Linking to images, webpages, or videos, from YouTube or other hosting services, with inappropriate content is allowed but you must provide a warning regarding the content before linking. If no warning is provided and the material contains explicit language, a kick will be given to the offending user. If no warning is provided and the material contains explicit nudity, sexual material, and/or explicit violence/gore then a ban will be issued to the offending user. The ban may last for any amount of time between a day and 1 week.

2. You should talk to all users in a respectful manner. This includes trolls, friends, people you suspect of being dupes, and even a moderator who is threatening to ban you. You can be banned, or have an extended ban time for not doing this.

3. Do not solicit sensitive personal information from other users or give away another person's sensitive personal information. It is strongly suggested that you not share your own sensitive personal information, and giving out your home address or phone number is not permitted in main chat. You may solicit this information in private to select individuals. Anyone given this information may not give it to another person unless with express permission from the user said information is about.

4. Controversial issues such as politics and religion may be discussed in private and public chat, but if the discussion becomes hostile, the discussion may be immediately stopped by a moderator.

5. Do not spam or flood chat. The chat moderators have the authority to determine what is spam and what is not.

6. The use of non-English languages in public chat, with the exception of widely known phrases (e.g., "hola", "danke"), is prohibited.

7. If a user requests that you stop doing something, then you are required to stop unless there is a logical and good reason you should continue. Also, if a user continually makes unreasonable requests, then the situation will be resolved by a moderator.

8. Explicit suggestive comments are prohibited, but mild suggestive references are allowed.

8. If you'd like to link a chat in main, please first get permission from a chatmod or admin and when linking provide a warning if the chat is NSFW.

10. Swearing is allowed, but excessive language is not permitted. Excessive language will be determined by the moderation.


11. All moderators are also required to follow the policy. There are no exceptions.

12. Do not kick or ban users as a joke, no matter what - even if you let them back in immediately.


Explicit Language in media consists of non PG language. This consists of the words fuck, shit, cunt or any variations. Explicit Nudity in media is defined as female breasts or genitals of any gender. A butt of either gender is not considered explicit. Sexual Content in media is defined as any content that is obviously sexual in nature, ranging from sexual imagery to sexual acts.

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