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    One of the most discussed topics in evolution is that of human evolution. According to the Theory of Evolution, the species known as homo sapiens, modern humans, slowly evolved over millions of years from a primate or primate-like ancestor. Evidence has been presented to support this idea, as should occur with all scientific theories. However, every piece of evidence, from Peking Man to Nebraska Man, has been shown to be either an understandable mistake or flagrant fraud, thus meaning that human evolution is a completely unfounded theory.

    To begin, let us examine the most blatant of these frauds - Piltdown Man. In 1912, Charles Dawson, an amateur archaeologist, presented fragments of a fossil skull and jawbone to the Geological Society in Lo…

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  • GandalftheWizard

    Evolution is not proven fact, nor will it ever be. In fact, it cannot be proved. This is not because of lack of evidence, as many would think, but because of the very nature of the scientific method.

    In the scientific method, one begins with a question that cannot be explained by existing theories. Using what one knows, which may include other theories of more or less credibility, one attempts to explain the phenomenon or answer the question by creating a new hypothesis. Typically, this hypothesis is published in a scientific paper, though this is not a fundamental part of the scientific method. Once the hypothesis is made known to the scientific community, scientists begin examining and learning more about the hypothesis, because most often th…

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  • GandalftheWizard

    Protein is absolutely essential to life on earth. Without it, cells could not function properly and without cells, all forms of living organisms could not exist, as all of them are composed of one or more of these building blocks of life. However, the only known proteins - full protein chains, not merely amino acids - that exist are created by mechanisms within living organisms. Nevertheless, there is a chance that the protein necessary to kickstart the first living cell was created by purely natural methods.

    What are the odds of this happening??? As calculated by Dr. Charles E. Guye, the chance that a single protein molecule could have formed in the Universe outside of a living system is 1 to 10^160. That's a ten with 159 zeros after it! A…

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  • GandalftheWizard

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics is one of the most basic and unbreakable laws of Nature. It is responsible for the "Arrow of Time". It is responsible for the ingenious work of Stephen Hawking on the entropy of black holes. It is responsible for your glass of water spilling, but not unspilling. It explains why eggs break, why gas diffuses...and why Organic Macroevolution is a fatally flawed theory.

    The Second Law states, to put it rather crudely, that "disorder increases with time". That would explain why my room is a wreck. However, Wikipedia gives us a better definition: "the total entropy of a isolated (closed) system always increases over time, or remains constant in ideal cases." Even better is Brian Greene's definition, summerized in …

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  • GandalftheWizard

    Since Plurky has requested that I give the "scientific evidence" that I claim exists for theism (a request that is both fair and logical), I have decided to start a blog series titled "Theism: An Intelligent Worldview" (in case you hadn't already looked at the title). In it, I will hopefully present a good case for why theism is actually a factually sound and logical worldview.

    In this series, I will give evidence and arguments that disprove Organic Macroevolution, Cosmic Evolution, and other atheistic theories that explain how the world as it is came to be. This is evidence for theism, because the syllogism:

    Either atheism or theism is correct.

    Atheism is not correct.

    Therefore, theism is correct.

    Shows that evidence against atheism (proving t…

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