Protein is absolutely essential to life on earth. Without it, cells could not function properly and without cells, all forms of living organisms could not exist, as all of them are composed of one or more of these building blocks of life. However, the only known proteins - full protein chains, not merely amino acids - that exist are created by mechanisms within living organisms. Nevertheless, there is a chance that the protein necessary to kickstart the first living cell was created by purely natural methods.

What are the odds of this happening??? As calculated by Dr. Charles E. Guye, the chance that a single protein molecule could have formed in the Universe outside of a living system is 1 to 10^160. That's a ten with 159 zeros after it! Allow that number to sink in for a bit. These astonding odds show that Evolution is extremely unlikely -  virtually impossible, as I shall later show.

Of course, even if a single protein did manage to overcome these insane odds, the creation of a single protein does not necessarily mean that life will emerge as a result of it. What are the odds of a single cell forming somewhere on Earth??? Dr. James F. Coppedge, a dedicated evolutionist, attempted to calculate this. However, even after giving evolution every concession his mathematics would allow, his final result was still the literally mind-blowing 1 to 10^119850. That is a one with 119850 zeroes after it!

Nevertheless, again two brilliant scientists attempted to calculate the odds of a complete cell forming. This time it was the agnostic St. Fred Hoyle, a world figure in science during his time, and the atheist Chandra Wickramsinghe, who held several positions at various scientific Universities. Seperately, they worked out their calculations. However, unlike Dr. Coppedge, they used different criteria for what counted as "life". A fully alive cell was not necessarily needed. Something akin to a virus would do. The result the two scientists calculated seperately agreed extremely closely. What was the chance of a single cell of life forming on Earth??? Brace yourself. 1 to 10^40000. That's a one followed by 40,000 zeroes! While this is not as impressive a number as Dr. Coppedge's, since they used more lenient criteria, it is still insanely high. Needless to say, after calculating this number, Sir Hoyle and Dr. Wickramsinghe became deists.

Now, Borel's Single Law of Chance says that if the odds are greater than 10^15 against something, then the chance that it might happen is negligible on the terrestrial scale. On the Universal scale, if the odds are greater than 10^50 against something, the chance that it will happen is negligilble. All of the calculations I cited are many times greater than these numbers, meaning that, not only is the chance of Organic Macroevolution even beginning negligible, but it is negligible by a massive factor.

These are real calculations made by real evolutionists, real scientists. They are not to be discarded lightly.

Thus, in conclusion, the chance that any of the necessary prerequists for Organic Macroevolution to begin far exceeds the value at which they would become negligible, and therefore, Evolution is utterly and completely unlikely to the highest degree.

If you ignore the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Evolution is still technically possible, but sure as hell I wouldn't place all my chips on it...nor would any good gambler.

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