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    God is not Great

    As promised, I will exlain here why I truely hope that there is no God - or rather, why even if I did believe God existed I would not worship him. I will deal here largely with the Judean-Christian God, the ony I myself am most familiar with, having been raised as a Christian. 

    As far as I am aware, there are two possible ways to view the Bible: either as truth, the "word of God', or as a book full of methaphor. Both of those would lead me to the conclusion that God is not great. I'll deal with both options in turn.

    First of all, the Bible as plain truth. If one believes this, God is a jerk. guilty of Genocide, rape, slavery, racism, regular mass-murder, mysoginism and homophobia. He is unjust, unfair, inconsisted and a contr…

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  • Plurky of House Targaryen

    In the two previous parts I have stated my atheism, but have not defended it. Here follows the first part of that defense. 

    There is no evidence for God, there is no evidence against God. Any person who claims otherwise is either intentionally lying or blatently ignorant. Then why do I choose to live my life without a God? Verry simple. Just because I cannot disprove or prove there is a pink bucket floating around jupiter, does not mean that the chance of it being real is 50%.

    The God hypothesis states that a sentiet, almighty being has either created our universe as a whole, as it is, or at least acted as a watchmaker who set the actions in progress and then turned away, never to interfear with it again. Either way, essential to the hypothe…

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    "You shall not covet your neighbour's house. You shall not cover your neighbour's wife, or his manservent or his maidenservent, his ox or his donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour" This is one of the Ten Commandements that both Jews and Christians uphold, or at the verry least claim to do so. But his one is by far the scariest of them all. 

    Why, you ask? Because this one, unlike the other nine, entails not a ban on taking a certain action... but on thinking. This one entails t o u g h t c r i m e. You are forbidden to have a certain type of feelings! And what feelings are that? Envy. This is the foundation of the Christian crusade on envy which they deem an evil thing. How foolish they are! Envy is something great! Because it t…

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    this will be the start of a series where i'll post philosophical essays I wrote myself. Or at least, that is the idea.  THis first one, "on god and estragement", deals with my views on religion, which are heavily inspired by Feuerbachs views. So heavily, that it may be hard to find out what is truely "original" content, but hey. 

    God did not create humanity, but humanity has created god. Why? From fear, from a desperate attempt to understand the world around them. By this action, the creation of god, two extremely important things have happened.

    Frist of all, the absolute forms of good and evil have entered the stage because of this action, playing the part of Gods will. Good seized to be a subjective, debatable good, and turned in to an a b…

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