God is not Great

As promised, I will exlain here why I truely hope that there is no God - or rather, why even if I did believe God existed I would not worship him. I will deal here largely with the Judean-Christian God, the ony I myself am most familiar with, having been raised as a Christian. 

As far as I am aware, there are two possible ways to view the Bible: either as truth, the "word of God', or as a book full of methaphor. Both of those would lead me to the conclusion that God is not great. I'll deal with both options in turn.

First of all, the Bible as plain truth. If one believes this, God is a jerk. guilty of Genocide, rape, slavery, racism, regular mass-murder, mysoginism and homophobia. He is unjust, unfair, inconsisted and a control-freak, a celestial dictator ruling from the skies, watching our every move and always ready to punish us for our sins. He, for no appearent reason, decides to favour a certain race - the Jews - and decides that they are his chosen, gives them "the holy land" and easily orders them to murder all males that currently inhabit it, slaughter all of that people apart from the woman that can be used, in effect, for sexual slavery. This God is no God of love: he is a racist who gladly murders thousands upon thousands of his own people, while at the same time claiming to love them all. In many other cases he decides to punish whole cities for their sins, and on other ocassions he decides that suddenly the city should be spared. He is a melavolent bully who punishes people for "sins" they aren't even aware they commited. This God cannot possibly be considered "great", and is no God I can see any person worship because of anything else then sheer terror. In the New Testament, this God appearently sees no other way salvate the world then by murdering himself in a most brutal way. 

Then, the other option, the one I myself was raised with - the bible as a metaphor. Here one could easily start referring to all this stuff I mentioned earlier as "metaphorical", not true as it is, but true in the hidden meaning behind it. While this makes a hell of a lot more sense, and cuts out a significant part of the terror behind it, it still leaves a God I would not possibly want to worship. Earlier, in part 2 of this series, I discussed one of the 10 Commandents, the one about jealousy, and briefly went into my intense fear and hatred towards this. For this God, we must according still believe, has created us WITH jealousy, only to then order us to IGNORE IT. This God creates us not out of love, but as a cruel game, giving us instructions we cannot possibly follow. This again is a celestical dictator who "loves" us in the same way that Stalin "loved" the people of USSR, as Mao "loved" the Chinese. It is not the love of a father for a son, as the christians like to say, but the love of the a dictator for his subjects. It is the love of "Big Brother"

Ufcourse, there always is the fundamental problem of evil. Evil exists in the world, that much is certain. But why would God create evil? Some say that we need evil to appreciate good, which is in effect itself a reasonable statement - but did God need to go quite so far? A few years ago, when I was stil part of the youth group of my Church, we had a "trial" for God considerning Noah and the Great Flood. As I argued there I will argue again: God shows on many occasions in the bible that he can send people to save those who are "lost", Jonah, Jesus himself.. yet with Noah he decides not to do this, but instead commit a mass murder which truely makes him worthy of my personal nickname for him, the Celestial Stalin. Even if one sees this as a metaphor, what an horrible one it is! This God shows love of terror and destruction, yet what we tell ourselves is that this is a tell of hope, represented by the dove. But who started this disaster? GOD! We should thank him for saving us from his own campain of terror? No! We should be furious that he who claims that he loves us decides to inspire pure Terror in his people. It is a god that seeks control over our minds and bodies, resisting urges that he himself gave us. If a God does this, meanwhile doing his verry best to make it seems as though there is no God, why on earth should we worship him? If this God allowed for the Holocaust to happen, simply because "we don't recognize good without evil", how evil does that make him? Did we need to see millions upon millions of people killed, simply to appreciate freedom? Was the Iron Boot of Fascism not enough in and of itself? A God that does such things, is he worthy of our worship? Remember that all the Antisemitist rules that he Nazi's used during their reign are directly based on rules the Christians - oh so christian - used in the Dark Ages. If god was good, would he allow his verry own church to be so full of antisemitism? 

- ufcourse, an view I have not delt with so far is the non-interventionist God, a God that is the "blind watchmaker" who set the verry beginnings of the processes and then turned away, never to do anything with it again. If this is the case, why should we worship him? He created us, only to let us suffer and toil? Why bother to worship him if he doesn't do anything? Should we worship him because he created us, only to turn away from us? Do we continue to love and worship a father that beats and sexually abuses us, simply because he created us? NO! We turn away from him in rightous anger. God is NOT Great. 

I am well aware this will propaly invoke some sort of reaction, so I have decided to split this blog into two, giving the reader(s) time to react in the meantime. 

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