"You shall not covet your neighbour's house. You shall not cover your neighbour's wife, or his manservent or his maidenservent, his ox or his donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour" This is one of the Ten Commandements that both Jews and Christians uphold, or at the verry least claim to do so. But his one is by far the scariest of them all. 

Why, you ask? Because this one, unlike the other nine, entails not a ban on taking a certain action... but on thinking. This one entails t o u g h t c r i m e. You are forbidden to have a certain type of feelings! And what feelings are that? Envy. This is the foundation of the Christian crusade on envy which they deem an evil thing. How foolish they are! Envy is something great! Because it teaches us what it is that we want! If one sees a rich person and feels envy seeing him, it teacher him that he longs for money! If one sees a succesfull author and is envious, it shows him that it is succes he envies! How can we learn what we truely desire, without admitting our envy? Envy, thus used correctly, can show us what we want, and only when we know what we truely want can we strife for it. Envy only became a bad thing when the Christians connected it to the desire to take what one wishes from another person. But that is not neccercily a part of envy! Teaching us that envy is bad and we should block our feelings of it, try to rid ourself of them, only results in us being fundamentally unhappy because, when when do not know what we want, we cannot possibly gain what it is that we want. The Christians have elevated this suffering, this self-created unhappyness, and made it a  v i r t u e. Thus they seek to cope with the results of all their ideas, including their vision on envy. But envy is something verry usefull, and should therefor be accepted. One without envy cannot figure out what it is he wants, and tough envy gives no guarentee of succes it at the verry least gives the possiblity of it! By admitting one is envious one takes up the sword and challenges the dragon which guards that which is desired, and regardless of the outcome of that duell one had the c h a n c e of victory, and the bitterness of defeat is preferable to the bitterness of not having tried, which is a bitterness that is poisoned by the Holy Grail. Rise up! Feel envious! Not the slave's envy, who does not allow others to have what he does not have, but the t r u e envy,  the h u m a n envy! Rise above what the christians told you in their crusade for virtuefull unhappyness! Wield your envy like a sword, and be willing to fall on it as Kullervo did. 

- Thus Spoke Plurky 

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