In the two previous parts I have stated my atheism, but have not defended it. Here follows the first part of that defense. 

There is no evidence for God, there is no evidence against God. Any person who claims otherwise is either intentionally lying or blatently ignorant. Then why do I choose to live my life without a God? Verry simple. Just because I cannot disprove or prove there is a pink bucket floating around jupiter, does not mean that the chance of it being real is 50%.

The God hypothesis states that a sentiet, almighty being has either created our universe as a whole, as it is, or at least acted as a watchmaker who set the actions in progress and then turned away, never to interfear with it again. Either way, essential to the hypothesis is that all we know started with God, that God was there before anything else. The atheist view says that, tough we do not know HOW exectly, the world and universe around is just came into being, w i t h o u t  any outside help. An amazing, baffeling tought. How can something come from nothing? But... the same goes for the theïst view. It simply says that instead of the universe itself a God came into being. The difference therefor is not that one says that something can come from nothing and the other says it can't - they simply disagree on WHAT it is that can come from nothing.        A quick heads up - if you prefer to think that, instead of something coming from nothing, something always excisted, the same things happends - either you believe that God was always there, or the Universe itself.           So, why do I choose to believe that it is the universe that began it all, without a God? Because of Ockam's Razor: this states that when looking for an explanation one should always look for the explenation that is the simplest. The fewer steps neccery, the likelier this is to be true. If you look at this matematically it makes sense as well - every thing has a chance of being true, and the more times you multiple a chance ( fundamentally less then 100%) the lower the percentage becomes. And what a first step it is! Not saying that pure, unthinkig m a t t e r  came into being out of nothing, but an  i n t e l l i g e n t and d e v i n e  being! Not something that cannot think, but something that can create n e w  living things! This is a giant step to take... and one that isn't verry likely. And a step that is not neccercy to take! Everything works fine without the God-hypothesis. We do not need it. It does not simplify things, it only makes them more complicated.              In a recent blog Gandalf claimed that evolution was not a likely concept, and defended this view by The Second Law of Thermodynamics. An interesting idea in and of itself - but evolution is no longer debateable. It is no mere "theory", a possible explanation for life... it is the truth, plain and simple, as undenyable as the Roman Empire of the Holocaust. I do not have the time to give the extraordinary amount of proof there is for this, or am I skilled enough in biology to explain it, so I will suffice with advicing you to read Richard Dawkins his excellent book "the Greatest Show on Earth: the evidence for evolution" What I will say is this: evolution is a fact. It happends. You can see it happen. It is an undebateable fact. Denying evolution is denying a truth, and as far as evidence goes equal to denying the existence of the Roman empire or the Holocaust... It simply cannot be denied. Keep in mind that, if a single fossil showed up in in geologically the wrong time, the theory would fall. And yet it hasn't, tough many thousands of fossils have been found. Gandalf claimed it was impossible for something as complicated as a human to arise from something as simple as a single cel... dear Mr. Gandalf, you did it yourself. And it only took you nine months.        Finally, to cite Darwin, "There is grandeur in this view of life, with its many forms having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one: and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on, according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautifull and most wonderfull have been, and are being, evolved"

Why am I an Atheist? Because there is no need for God. We can do fine without him. I will not live my life hoping for it to be true, however unlikely it is, just because I'd like for it to be true. And, to be fair - I don't even WANT it to be true, something I will go into later. 

- Thus Spoke Plurky

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