this will be the start of a series where i'll post philosophical essays I wrote myself. Or at least, that is the idea.  THis first one, "on god and estragement", deals with my views on religion, which are heavily inspired by Feuerbachs views. So heavily, that it may be hard to find out what is truely "original" content, but hey. 

God did not create humanity, but humanity has created god. Why? From fear, from a desperate attempt to understand the world around them. By this action, the creation of god, two extremely important things have happened.

Frist of all, the absolute forms of good and evil have entered the stage because of this action, playing the part of Gods will. Good seized to be a subjective, debatable good, and turned in to an a b s o l u t e good. I will discuss the huge impact of this at another time.                                                                                              Secondly, humanity has because estranged from itself. When men created a god, people started to form an image of this god. Whereas the physical image of god causes no problems, the creation of the s p i r i t u a l god has in fact created those. The god has been credited with having supernatural intelligence, and has in fact been credited with the creation of o u r intelligence. This claim, that god is responsible for the creation of our intelligence, is even now, in the age in which evolution has taught us to understand so much, still held up by some, I fear to say even many. A dangerous idea, because while evolution teaches us that the human brain has, by lack of a better word, for a great part evolved randomly, it is acknowledged as a fundamentally human thing. The people who created god have however turned this h u m a n thing into a D e v i n e thing. They tore a piece from their view of humanity to give this to their god, and by this action the human thing lost its humanity. This process of estrangement, in which humanity attributes parts of itself to god and in the end does not recognize those things as fundamentally human but as a Devine thing, keeps repeating itself. God keeps growing, and humanity keeps shrinking, loses all its good characteristics and becomes more and more estranged from itself. If an anti-god, a devil, is added to this system, humanity is truly in trouble: whereas the god “only” absorbed all the good out of humanity and claimed it for itself, the devil now absorbs all the evil as well. A true human with dignity, like before the creation of god, does not exist any longer. He is become fully estranged from himself. Would he see a true human who has not been estranged from himself, then he would not recognize that as a human, but see it as some kind of god. Humanity has, by creating a god, destroyed itself.

With gods demise the possibility has arisen to claim back humanity in its entirety. We can claim back that which was estranged from us, both the good and the bad. Humanity can become whole again – and will have to carry the huge weight of being a true human.

-         -   Thus Spoke Plurky 

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